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    Exclamation Splash Guard HELP!

    Hey everyone,

    I'm about to put a RIVA splash guard onto my 2005 RXP. The instructions say that you can either squash it between the bumper and fiberglass, or put it in the gap between the fiberglass curl and the main hull.

    Ideally, I would like to put it behind the fiberglass and avoid squashing it between the rub rails and the fiberglass. However, this involves having to cut the rub-rails and i'm not sure if this would be the best way to go about doing it.

    I have read up a little on the subject, and the standard rivets provided come with washers to support the rivet backing. However, these washers are too big to fit behind the fiberglass part on the RXP.

    If anyone has already applied their splash guard themselves, could you just provide some suggestions please?

    Another thing I was thinking of was to use bolt and nut instead of the rivets. Would this work?

    Help soon please.

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    Most people on another site cut the bottom of the rub rail so that the splash guard fits underneath. They also use bolts and fender (large) washers on the inside. The rivets tend to pull out in rough water. make sure you start in the middle and pull to each side as you go. The tighter the guard is the better it will work... Ron

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    I place it inbetween the bumper and rail. I scuff the gel coat up with 40-60 grit papper and then use Dap weldwood contact cement to glue it to the hull first. I then drill my holes for my rivets and I also use rivet washers. I have never had one come off.

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    I went through hell doing this on a 2000 Seadoo XP. Benefit from my wisdom Danielsahn. Like they said, cut the bottom edge of the rub rail where the splash guard will go. Drill out the rivets where the splash guard will go to pull the rub rail back. You may have to go dwon the length of the hull to get some slack. Dry fit the splashguard where you need it and drill holes the same diameter as the rivets you will use in the same spot where the rivet holes are in the hull. You'll need longer and bigger rivets for the splash guard install and you can't use those cheap Home Depot rivets and guns. You need rivets and a gun like auto body shops use. You'll have to borrow a gun smoehow because they're big. About two feet long and have angled handles to get leverage on it. They're used for re-riveting door window regulators and take some grunt but they're worth it. But before riveting it all up, get the guard in place and push the rivets in to the holes that you drilled in the guard so it's all line up. Shoot a good two part epoxy between the guard and the hull but not too much so it doesn't sqeeze out when riveting. That stuff is harder to get off the hull than Tommy Lee off of Heather. Crank the rivets down and let ' em snap and wait a day.

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    That stuff is harder to get off the hull than Tommy Lee off of Heather.

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