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    Anyone use Twitter as a float plan

    with modern technology, filing out a piece of paper and giving it to someone seems out dated. looking at using twitter (or an equivalent site) to post float plans. also be able to update where you are.

    i don't have a twitter account, so I'm asking the general community if you use this technology and have you used it for posting float plans.


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    what is twitter? I've never heard of it

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    twitter is a website/ social network. what i know about twitter is you can use your phone to generate a text message or send an email to twitter and then this is sent out to your contacts in your account letting them know what you're doin.

    basically the idea i was trying to ask was, since a float plan is to let a person (relative, friend or neighbor) know you're goin out on the water, wouldn't many people knowing you're goin out be better. with so many people that are constantly on line with cellphones and laptops, i was thinking that since twitter, facebook or what ever social network site can be used to generate text messages, emails or a mass communication to many people, use this to let many people know when you get on and off the water safely. this way, a higher % of people would check back to make sure you got off the water safely.

    i've never used any of these type of sites, so i was throwing the question out to the community if someone already does this or thought about it

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