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    2004 f12x ecm and stop button problems please help

    Hey guys i have been working on a customers 2004 f12 x for sometime. They have gotten a lot of water in the hull (half way up the motor) twice and now of course we are having electrical problems. I changed the wiring harness from the main relay to the front gauge plugs. I have it running fine but the stop switch and lanyard switch are giving trouble. I pulled the 4 pin connector under the hood and checked for continuity with the stop button and it functions and reads properly. Just when i crank the ski and have the lanyard attatched i push the stop button and it wont kill the ski. For sometime the lanyard switch would not engage the main relay and let the ski crank but now that works fine. My main question is could the problem be in the ecm. I know water has gotten to it since the ecm is mounted on the lower left side on the hull. The main relay is new, the fuse box is new, so what else could it be? I have an 02 and 03 f12 x and i took the 02 ecm and hooked it up and got nothing. The ski we are working on is an 04 but i think it is an early model because the books and manuals show the ecm being up under the dash for an 04 but it is wired and placed just as as 02 or 03. What part number do i order for an ecm for this model? Do i have to do anything to try an ecm, or should it just plug up and work on any ski? Please help if you can. Thanks Tim 828-289-3933

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    According to the service manual, the ECM in a F-12X is mounted up under the top hull in front of the seat and is clearly visible when looking back through the front bin hole.

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    I bet it is an earlier model because the 02-03 are different ecm's and shouldn't have connected to the 04. I don't know the answer to your problem and it sounds like you've followed the schematic and seen where the stop switch wires go. I don't see how the ecm could have gotten wet as sealed as it is. It almost sounds as if something is allowing enough continuity to hold the main relay engaged.

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    04 f12x

    Yeah the ecm is on the side of the hull just like a 02 or 03. My 02 ecm plugs into the 04 that i have but i get nothing. The stop button has continuity and is functioning properly, just kinda wondering it the stop button goes through the ecm or what? I have changed the main relay and it is new. The lanyard switch is working like it should just for the darn stop button. I can get the vin number is yall guys think you can determine if we need to just use 03 parts for the ski. Give me a ring if you think of which direction i might need to go. Thanks Tim 828-289-3933

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    I actually havent followed the stop button wires except to the plug of the wiring harness, guess i could have a bad ground or corrosion on back inbetween the 4 pin plug and behind except for that wiring harness is all brand new and hasnt been wet at all. Thanks for the help

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    Anybody know if an ecm has to be programmed or anything and if any will just plug and play for any 02 or 03 f12x or in my case an 04 f 12x? Thanks Tim

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    No OEM Honda ECM can be reprogrammed.

    A 2004F12x ECM will not fit a 2002-2003F12x They are plugged in different and wired accordingly different. If you have a 2002-2003 F12x wiring harness in a 2004 F12x ski you have a fubar and will have to rethink the system and history of the ski as to Who besides the factory changed it.

    Or return it back to the correct 2004 F12x OEM parts.


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    Hey nitro thanks for the help. The ski is all origional but it does have an 04 serial number but is the same color and layout as an 02 and 03.
    I know an 04 is wired different and ecm is under the dash but this ski may be like a left over that just made it as an 04. Something that was in between the years? Also if i get an 02 or 03 ecm and plug it into another 02 or 03 will it just work correctly and then take it back out and work in the origional ski. I have three skis and have them both so i can just try the ones i have that are working to see if it will fix it. Thanks Tim

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