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    2001 Stx1100 Di/1200 swap

    Will a stxr 1200 motor bolt up to a 01 stx1100 Di hull? Will the pump and driveline line up? Anyone happen to have any info? Looking at buying a 1100 DI hull and putting a 1200 engine in it.


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    Well the hull,pump,shaft,coupler are all the might be as simple as not using the engine plate and just using the motor mounts with out it.

    The stx 1100 di has a engine mouting plate and the stxr/ultra motor has it's mounts on the motor casing.

    All in all it should be a easy conversion.

    Im sure the tank is probably the same... and maybe most electronics the display guage has even the same part # except one has a "A" after it.

    So I think it's a go....

    Measure the mounts like width and lenght and I could measure mine and let ya know.

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    Appreciate the info. Im going to try and look at the hull sometime this week. Ill take some measurements and so what it measures out to. Just figured if I had to get an engine for the hull, might as well get a motor I've worked on before.


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    Besides the exact location of engine mounts, I'm pretty sure it will line up.

    One thing to note, the DI has an electric fuel pump in the tank. I don't know if the tank neck is the same diameter, and if an STXR neck would work.

    Also the displays are not the exact same, you might be able to use the 1100 display, but you will probably have to adapt, or re pin it to work with the STXR harness.

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