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    RXT Is or Speedster 150

    Hi! I have Challenger 180 2005 with the 215hp engine since 2005... but now i want to change for someting smaller and more powerfull!! My 2 options are the new RXT Is or a Speedster 150 215hp 2008 or 2009. What you guys were you choising?

    - Most of the time we are 4 or less on the boat
    - I'm going to trade my Wakeboard for a Wakeskate....
    - I found the RXT IS weight very high for a PWC
    - Am I going to miss the fact that i can relax on the lake with friends with a RXT?

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    Well 4 people you will need the boat. 3 guys in the 150 is tight but ok 3 guys on the RXT is gay. So that ones up to you.
    As for the wakeskate they are fun as hell but you will take a few good hard falls off the start. Nothing like ripping along and boom no board under you as you cross the wake. LOL

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    I'm not completely sure on the performance gain, but you can get the 255HP engine on the 180 Challenger SE now.

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    Stay with a boat. If you are gonna play with 3 or more then a boat or 2 PWC's.


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    If i had to pick id go with the speedster 150 BUT with the 255hp motor.

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    RXT 2008

    I have the 2008 RXT and
    I love it it's got plenty of power and range. The Learning key is a plus for my daughter. I bought it brand new in Sept 08 and have ocean 33 hours on it now so yes I ride it and think it's a grate machine. If I could change anything I would change the throttle from a thumb to a finger.

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