Enjoy, I know we did!
Tinker (TANK): Definetely the most perfect male specimen

TANK at the Helm

K38 spikes. All from perfectly execute mishaps that became famous hazes.

USMC Raiders at the boat docks on day one of PWC training, one of our earlier training sessions back in the day....

We had some pretty wild training sesh's. Night Op's were my fav's working with this group, to say we charged is an understatement. The Dawghouse was epic, a collective museum of mishaps. I left behind many mementos that adorned the walls and oh yeah, the ceiling as well, where did those panties go?

Several posted:

Kudos to the Boyz: Finger Boy, Conan, TINK, GRAMPS, Speed Bump, Britto, Magare, Lurch, Big Mike, And - Jarrett
Evil Woman