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    f/s RAM 1r .43cal paintball MIL-SIM F/S, M-16, AR-15

    RAM 1r .43cal paintball weapon. $500
    “Real Action Marker”

    I have 2 and want to sell one or both. One is BRAND new and the other has 100 shots fired. These are AMAZING!! You wont believe the quality and realism of this weapon. Use in a game, target shoot, mil-sim scenario or what ever, put it up on the wall, you can not tell the difference, barely! I accept paypal and will answer any of your questions!

    The RAM 1R is a .43 caliber training and gaming air gun made in the likeness of an M16-style assault rifle. This semi-automatic rifle will fire either .43 caliber paintballs or rubber-balls with amazing accuracy at 280 feet per second. The Real Action Marker 1R is essentially identical in dimension, appearance, weight, and function to its live-fire counterpart, right down to ejecting casings with each pull of the trigger. Training with this RAM gun removes the risk of live ammunition as it will not allow the loading or firing of live ammo. The 1R RAM rifle is effective in a range of 70-100 feet and features a telescopic stock and a removable carry handle to allow for the addition of optics or accessories and it has adjustable front and rear sights. Air source can be compressed air or co2. A refillable tank comes with the RAM 1r.
    Comes in a foam lined black carry case with one magazine, refillable co2 tank, a cleaning kit, 40 rubber-balls with casings and instruction manual. This marker is “totally” black. No blue or orange markings.

    Velocity:280 Feet Per Second
    Description: LE, telescopic stock
    Action: Semi/Full
    Caliber: .43
    Power: CO2
    Ammo: Paintballs or Rubber-balls
    Capacity: 20
    Length: 33.5"
    Barrel: 14.5"
    6.9 lbs. Fully upgradeable carry handle for mounting scopes

    · Essentially identical in dimension, appearance, weight, and function to its live-fire counterpart M-16 or AR-15
    · 700 rounds per minute
    · Ejects casings with each fire
    · Removable carry handle for addition of optics or accessories
    · Adjustable front and rear sights

    Gun retail is $578.00 - $607.00 + add on’s and shipping.

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    How much are you selling them for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mswol767 View Post
    How much are you selling them for?
    Looking for $500 each or willing to take offers......

    "RAM 1r .43cal paintball weapon. $500
    “Real Action Marker”

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    up for the week. Free Shipping!!

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    if only they were legal here

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    SOLD ONE, got one left.........

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    Up for the week! Free shipping plus one extra magazine!

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    up for the week

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    Quote Originally Posted by izz0 View Post
    if only they were legal here
    they are legal in Australia.

    you are not allowed fully automatic.

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    Those are pretty slick. If I played paintball more, and if they were full auto, I would be knocking down your door to get the last one.

    Good luck!

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