Every community should be so blessed to have a Chronicler. Ours lies in the talent of Trawlercat (aka Ralph Perez). Ralph recently retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserves after 32 years of service. No stranger to the boating community, he downsized from a sailboat to the joys of personal watercraft explorations. His rides are comprised of a 2007 Seadoo GTX and a 2008 Kawasaki Ultra 250X.

Trawlercat has many talents, one of them is keen observation, leadership and creative writing skills, but let's not forget PWC riding. He frequents the open channel waters between San Pedro and Catalina and enjoys numerous excursions north and south along the Southern California Coastline.

Ralph is a recent addition to the team for 2009. He is part of the PWCoffshore Gunz Race team along with Sean Conner from Reno, Nevada. Endurance riding isn't a speciality of racing, it is the essence of racing, going the distance, breaking through the walls and exposing yourself to the pulse of the environment, all the while coaching your PWC into the beyond.

Living above the Los Angeles Port in San Pedro, Ralph is only a short launch away at Cabrillo Beach to enjoy the Pacific Ocean. He is also an AWA member along with the members of the SoCal Watercraft Club.

Trawlercat is planning on the Big Wet Dog Race in Alaska. The inaugural expedition is titled 'Paving The Way'. He along with others will be covering 2,000 miles documenting the historic adventure.

Ralph is one of the most passionate offshore riders I know of,he is an asset to our community and friend to all, You will be hearing more about his stories and adventures shared with those he rides with. Please visit the TRAWLER CHRONICLES and do your best to keep up with Ralph, and by the way, Good Luck!

"The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in time of moral crisis"

-Dante Alighieri
(Italian Florentine Poet)

The Life You Save May Be Your Own