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    FS 15f Turbo with Tons of Extras

    2006 Kawasaki 15f Turbo

    -Less than 10 hours on the entire ski
    -Complete UMI steering
    -Forged MTC pistons with spacer plate
    -Subaru 650 cc fuel injectors
    -Fuel Pressure & Boost Gage
    -Innovate LC-1 02 Sensor Kit with digital gage
    -Adaptronic ECU with Live streaming data acquistion and tune from land radios
    -Macsboost Intercooler
    -Rising rate fuel pressure regulator
    -Electronic Turbo bleed off to regulate boost
    -Skat Trak 160mm 12 vien with 2 props and several rings Pump shoe machined for 160mm
    -R&D ride plate and intake grate
    -R&D sponsons
    -Valve cover block off plates
    -Custom exhaust manifold with flush welded Turbo flange mount (water routing done internally)
    -GT2860RS turbo with water jacketed exhaust bell
    -3" Water jacketed straight exhaust

    So here is the rest of the story with the boat... last time I took it out it did 76mph with 11psi boost. Since I boat my boat I have had really no time to mess around with this thing and it has been pretty neglected. As it sits the wiring job is definitely hacked up since I threw it together real quick for a race. It needs a wire plug and an extension made to route the ECU to the front of the boat, then the ECU and radios need to be placed in a waterproof box with a plug. Since I've gone through several turbos I had to modify the turbo, intercooler, and intake manifold plumbing several times. If I end up holding onto it I would make up some new pipes (don't need to be water jacketed since they are only for the intake) and clean up the ECU wiring to make everything look alot nicer. The boat also has a rough tune since I was in the learning process of everything. All the sensors are calibrated, but the correction factors for air temp and water temp need to be adjusted. People with tuning experience would definitely be needed. If someone buys it I'll throw in all the extra parts I have which include almost 75% materials to make another turbo boat. Any questions please let me know. I'm going to take some more pics when I go back home this weekend.

    Asking $14,000 obo have over 23k invested


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    i have seen the boat run in person.... hell of a deal for someone looking to go run pro-open class

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    post some pics up

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