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Thread: Reliability?

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    Are the 05-06 Seadoo RXP/T's reliable?

    We are looking at buying a pair of RXP's or RXT's or one of each. I've seen some that seem to be very decently priced.

    What should I look for when considering a pair of these?
    Most of these I've seen have around 60-70 hours on them, how long until they would need a major rebuild?

    We are also considering the Honda R12X and Yamaha GP1300R.

    Looking for a pair of skis for around 10-15K

    Edit: Is salt water use as much of a concern with the Seadoos because of the closed loop cooling or is it still a concern.

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    You should be able to find a nice pair for close to or under 10k especially in this economy. Anything before 08 was built with ceramic washers which act as a clutch in the supercharger. These have been failing catastrophically so make sure they have been changed out to 08 metal washers or better yet Riva metal washers. The superchargers need a complete rebuild at 100 hours which could run 350-400 per ski so look for young ski's (50) or so hours. Dealer's can hook up to the ECU in the ski and download the entire life history on the engine so that may be a good idea. These are great ski's with breathtaking performance which will last for years with good maintenance. I would suggest 1 of them be a 3 seater if you plan to tow water toys with it. In many states it's a minimum requirement for wake boards and tubes etc. Check the classifieds on this website. Many good deals can be found there and if nothing else it's a good place to start your research. Good luck.
    A 4tec engine is good for at least 300 hours and we've seen several well over 500-700 hours. A rental ski had something like 940 hours on it's first motor.

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    Thanks for the info I will be sure to factor that supercharger rebuild cost into the equation.

    Yeah right now we don't think we even want to touch a 3 seater however I think it may be nice to have that versatility.

    Some friends of ours have a RXP and an RXT and they like the RXT's handling so that has given me a little more confidence in the 3 seaters.
    Right now however it will probably be determined on what we are able to find.

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    Mine's a 3 seater and it handles great. Just keep in mind that in most states you can't tow water toys with a 2 seater. It's illegal. There has to be room for the driver, a spotter facing rearward and the person riding the toy (should they get to tired or are injured).

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    I bought an RXT SC(2006) lapril of 2008, a two place trailer, then in Dec, I picked up my RXPX.

    The RXT is great, plenty of POWER, my wife and I have three kids, so we needed 5 seats all together. We did want t three seater to tow a tube or a wake board. Cant be happier with our machines.

    There should be some great deals out there. The trailer was new 1500 dollars. The skis were used, the rxt had 2 hours and the rxpx has 29 hours.

    Keep in mind there is a 250 dollar 10 hour service.
    Good luck,

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    I wouldn't buy a 4-TEC ski unless they have a BRP warranty or Extended warranty... Ron

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    I want a fast ski...Faster than that.
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    I've had 2 seadoos and I can honestly say that the only time that I needed major work done, it was stupidity on my behalf. They are great skis. Heres a good lil combo...

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    05 RXT and 05 Wake in the past - ran both hard and never an issue aside from starter solenoid starting to act up (easy fix)

    You shouldn't be too concerned these are great skis. Like others said look for washer changed on the RXTs - although mine didn't and was perfect right up to 75hrs when it was sold. So who knows...

    I always shop by condition - look for mint. modified and bubba'd - I dont go near.

    Good luck!

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