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    Creepy Internet Pervert

    PARENTS: warn your teenagers,
    this is the dark side of the internet and it's ugly...

    Milwaukee Teen Faces 300 Years in Prison for
    Alleged Facebook Sex Schemes

    MILWAUKEE — An 18-year-old Milwaukee area man is facing 300 years in prison for an alleged Facebook scheme to blackmail high school classmates into sex acts.

    According to the criminal complaint, the student POSED AS A GIRL on Facebook and tricked at least 31 male classmates into sending him naked photos of themselves. The complaint claims he then blackmailed some for sex acts.

    Anthony Stancl, of New Berlin, has been charged with child enticement, several sexual assault counts, possession of child pornography and making a bomb threat.,2933,488452,00.html

    According to the criminal complaint, Stancl first contacted the students through the social networking site FACEBOOK, pretending to be a girl named Kayla or Emily. The boys reported that they were tricked into sending nude photos or videos of themselves, the complaint said.

    Thirty-one victims were identified and interviewed and more than half said the girl with whom they thought they were communicating tried to get them to meet with a male friend to let him perform sex acts on them.

    They were told that if they didn't, she would send the nude photos or movies to their friends and post them on the Internet, according to the complaint. Stancl allegedly used the excuse to get the victims to perform repeated acts, the complaint said.

    Seven boys were identified in the complaint by their initials as either having to allegedly perform sex acts on Stancl or Stancl on them. The complaint said Stancl took photos with his cell phone of the encounters.

    Officers found about 300 nude images of juvenile males on his computer, according to the complaint. Prosecutors said the victims were as young as 15.

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    The thread topic says "yoyamma" "creepy internet pervert"

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    Someone's gonna bend him over in jail.

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    What happened to Harold? Kumar works alone now?

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    that kids f'ed up.

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