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    Jet ski death accidental

    Jet ski death accidental

    February 05, 2009

    A CORONER has called on jet-ski riders to wear helmets after the death of a Wigan woman in Canada.

    Widow Pauline Moore, a 62-year-old retired carer from Whelley, near Wigan, died instantly after the two-seat jet-ski she was riding across McKay Lake, in Bracebridge, north of Toronto, hit submerged rocks.

    Mrs Moore, who wasn't wearing a helmet, was thrown off the machine into the rocks. She suffered massive head injuries and died instantly last August.

    An inquest in Bolton was told that she had swerved to avoid a stationary boat and may have been blinded by the sun's glint off the water.

    Deputy coroner Alan Walsh urged all jet-ski riders to wear helmets.

    Recording a verdict of accidental death he said: "Wearing headgear is as important on a jet-ski as it is on a motorbike. Anybody riding jet-skis should be aware of the dangers and wear headgear."

    The inquest was told that Mrs Moore, who was wearing a lifejacket, had no formal marine training and hazards in the lake were not clearly marked.

    However the Canadian authorities also concluded that she died as the result of an accident.

    Mrs Moore's brother, Ronald Stanway, said she was staying with friends and her niece, Karen Luongo, in a rented lakeside cottage during a five-week trip.

    Her husband Kevin, a former miner, died two and a half years ago and Mr Stanway said his sister, who was born in Rochdale and was a former pub landlady at the Grapes in Heywood, was beginning to enjoy life again after his death. He also backed the deputy coroner's call for improved jet-ski safety.

    Speaking after the inquest Mr Stanway said: "I would urge everyone, especially tourists visiting foreign countries, to take great care when taking part in all water sports.


    "She was a fit and healthy lady. From the time that her husband died and the initial grief she was starting to live life."

    The inquest was told that Mrs Moore had been out on the jet-ski twice the previous day.

    Mr Stanway said it appeared she was dazzled by the sun and crashed after she swerved to avoid the boat, in which a man with his two children were sitting. All three witnessed the crash.

    Mr Stanway said: "She had swerved at some stage and collided with submerged rocks. She died instantly. There have been all sorts of rumours flying around but those are the facts."

    The inquest was told that her body was found by her niece's husband. Mrs Moore had not been drinking and there was no suggestion that the jet-ski was faulty.

    Mr Walsh said he had no jurisdiction to order authorities in Canada to consider clearly marking dangerous stretches of water or introducing compulsory helmet legislation.

    He said: "It appears to be accepted that she did not have any marine training, but then most people who go on jet-skis abroad do not. Clearly, they can be very dangerous."

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    While I appreciate and admire the safety concerns, and in due respect to the loss of this woman's life, the response for wearing helmets creates many levels of liability.
    The formulation of a task force that is credited with this type of water/helmet experience directly reasoned towards the use of PWC activity would be extremely important.
    I have a long history of helmet use in all applciations with PWC and this is not an easy solution.
    The enforcement, standards, safety ratings, types and endorsment of utility application, design, fit, function, impact and sizing are to be considered.
    Just a few thoughts from my own experience here in the US dealing with this in legislative circles.
    Unfortunately many in these areas do not seek out the proper experts and try to allcoate the same reasoning of helmet use on land, two differnet and completely opposing issues.
    Boating education is truly one of the answers, hands on training....

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    Quote Originally Posted by shawn alladio View Post
    ...He said: "It appears to be accepted that she did not have any marine training, but then most people who go on jet-skis abroad do not. Clearly, they can be very dangerous."
    PWC operation in Canada requires that the operator have and carry a proof of competency card. By the end of 2009, this requirement will extend to all boat operators.

    Typically these cards require the passing of a test, and many card holders undertake a training course before taking the test. However, the test can be challenged, and passed without the course, if enough of the test the questions are answered correctly.

    Rental PWC operation in Canada merely requires the operator to carry a safety checklist, issued by the rental company, indicating that the operator has been instructed regarding the safe operation of the boat. Obviously, there is room for sloppy and incomplete instruction to occur at times.

    Visitors to Canada for 45 days or less also do not require proof of competency, nor any safety instruction of testing.

    The rental and visitor exemptions create most of the potential danger for a visitor operating a PWC - inexperience combined with unfamiliar waters.

    Many of the lakes in Ontario have uncountable numbers of rocks near or just below the surface. As the water level changes during the seasons, these rocks can be well below the surface, or very close to it.

    Marking every shallow depth rock would in some places create a veritable forest of markers. The ice that comes with every winter would shift and damage many of these (as it already does with the medium sized Coast Guard type channel buoys). Out of place markers make them unreliable, and create a false sense of safety.

    Rocks that are considered significant hazards are of course marked when they can be, and the marine charts show many of the near surface rocks.

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