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    Legal for me to borrow a trailer?

    Greetings all, The trailer is registered in the same state as my car, but the road trip will be to a different state. My friend has a trailer that is perfect match for my jet ski + car.

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    I would think it would be 'legal.'

    I suggest you would want to carry the trailer ownership papers (or a good photocopy) and a signed letter from the owner saying that it is OK for you to have the trailer. Makes it easier if you need to 'explain things'.

    Carrying the ownership papers (or a photocopy) for the PWC might be a good thing too.

    You should know, or check, how your insurance would cover damage or liability regarding the trailer. If the trailer is actually hooked up to the car/truck, then often the vehicle policy also covers the trailer. But check that.

    When the trailer is NOT actually hooked up (just parked by itself), is it covered by ANY insurance?

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    Some good things for me to check on prior to leaving.

    Many thanks for your reply!!

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    your fine, just keep the registration with you. if theres a problem they will call the owner

    and no when the trailer isn't hooked up its not covered by your car insurance, your pwc insurance will cover that

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    i would have him transfer it over to you. if something happens then his insurance doesnt get affected. then when you get back just sign it back to him. sure it might be a hassle (not if he is a good friend) but everyone pays off.... just an idea.

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