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    Jetraid 2008 - New ARticle

    Jet News magazine with a huge article of the jetraid 2008
    check it out
    join us at

    The month of the magazines

    To all the friends of the JETRAID we recommend you this month of February to try to buy all the European magazines of jetski.

    This month it will published in the main magazines of FRANCE, SPAIN, BELGIUM and other the notes that speak of the JETRAID with groups from 5 to 15 pages depending on each one.

    In them you will find all that It have passed in PERU 2008 and we recommend especially the notes and pictures that our friend JEROME BOLLA published in FUNJET MAGAZINE.

    It will also have a very good covering in HYDROJET, JETWAVES, PWCTODAY, and QUAD AND JETS.

    Also this weekend it will be emitted in ESPN channel a summary of what it has passed in the event.

    The media coverage becomes more and more important for the adventure events, what favors sponsors and pilots that participate in it.

    Next week we will be traveling to BRAZIL and INDIA, with what we will have novelties of the edition 2009.

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    Shawn, how do we get ESPN to get us some air time for the MH300?

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    Depends upon 'air time'.

    To get real airtime, it is 'purchased' outright by set fees.

    To get a mention is usually a few second quick blurb, but the program must be there, and they are only there for a business transaction, hence $ investment. And then select personas will be interviewed depending upon the economic resource, (sponros-programming-Marketing)

    Advertisers essentially become sponsors and they will want thier product/program targeted in exchange.

    Televised media relations/marketing/advertisement carry various monnikers of financial investment and focus. All relate to the buck.

    TV/Cable isn't free.

    I suggest people on the grassroots level start their own 'tribe' via methods such as own TV themes and plug it to the masses using affordable means...hence, passion, dedication, time, effort, computer skills, creativity....

    Otherwise that is entirely up to an independent athlete, it's team, promoters, sponsors or the owner of the event to negotiate those terms collectively. One just cannot bring your marketing machine to a promoters event without getting expressed consent...because they basically own there are other responsibilities involved of athletes and teams....

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