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    Sunglass opinions

    I will be shopping for a new pair of sunglasses this spring but before I drop $400+/- (they'd be prescription) I thought I'd seek some opinions. I haven't priced any yet so that $400 figure may or may not be realistic. There are some criteria that I absolutely will NOT compromise on.

    1. They must be polarized.

    2. They must offer 100% U.V (all spectrums) protection.

    Surprisingly there are very few manufacturers that offer both. I only know of two, Costa Del Mar and Maui Jim.

    I have owned Costa's for the past 20 years and have been more than happy with them. Just thought I'd try to get other opinions.

    So, what would you recommend, and just as important, why?

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    I have a pair that is polarized, UV rated and in a set of costa fathom frames. And they were only 155.00. It all depends on your eyesight and the base setting of the frames ( curvature of lense ). I'm slightly nearsighted and the base rating of my frames were only in the 6-8 range. More curvature and prescription, means more money. Just go to your optician, pick your frames and have Him make the lenses/put in frames and your done. And don't forget leashs on those high price glasses, don't want to lose them!

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    I only buy Oakley or Fox (made by oakley). Check out some of their lines. Oh and I have a few pairs of Prada (not what they're hyped up to be)

    *only thing is tho i dunno if you can get them in prescription*

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