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    Anyone been to dubai or lives there?

    Hi guys my name is justin I'm from ny. I'm actually in dubai right now and was wondering if anyone is from around here and knows where I can rent some goi skism its to cold back home right now to go so I plan to possibly go 2days here
    If anyone elkse knows any hot things to do around here let me know. I'm going to the autodrome which is this huge race track sometime this weekm. I'm 17 if that plays a factor thanks


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    havent been there, but Ive seen the indoor ski resort...looks pretty cool

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    yea im deff going to try that out sometime this week

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    All I know about Dubai is NO SEX ON THE BEACH!

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    While vacationing in South Beach, I met a girl from Dubai. She describbed the place as a MUST SEE. I've heard from other sources it's a great place to visit. Just read that someone/some developer in Dubai is about to introduce the word's first "air-conditioned beach" You should check up on that!?!?!

    How about the huge man made islands that have been fully developed? Any info on that?

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    There are quite a few guys on here from Dubai. Hit up Jerry... I am sure he has their emails/phone numbers.

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    yea its called palm island im deff gonna hit that up sometime this week and go to the atlantis. they have a huge water park. im going to the autodrome tomorrow to go on some race karts. im loking out the window of my hotel im 17 stories up and im looking at the highway. ive seen 4 or 5 trucks go by with jet skis with racing # numbers on them. ive seen a 250x i think it was kinda hard to tell but it was that kinda of red ive seen rxps and rxpx and sme stand ups.

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    Was there in the 80's for a softball tournament while living in Saudi Arabia. It was one of the nicest places in the middle east back then and they even had bars to go to. So I imagine it is even more modren now.

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    yea its really cool here just so much building going on. i wish some of the guys from uae could post in this thread.... jerry got any info?

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