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    Will a 1200DI motor fit in a Virage I hull?

    My TXI got a hole in it, which led to a massive crack and water could come in..I barely managed to get it to the dock without sinking. So Im in the market for a new hull and found one locally. The only problem is it is a Virage I hull ( I read they normally come with an 800DI motor), and I'm new to the whole scene and was wondering if the motor could be transplanted. I have it at my highschool marine repair shop and the fiberglass teacher said that the crack and hole are at a stress point and a patch would never hold. So anyone know if We could make it fit?
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    Welcome to the Hulk!

    If you haven't found them yet, the Polaris Factory Service Manuals are here.

    When you have a moment, it would be interesting to see what failed on your Virage TXi hull, and what you think caused it. Post photos if you have them!

    Your high school has a marine repair shop? Cool

    The main issue between your two hulls would be the engine mounting points. I think they are in different locations between the two cylinder and three cylinder models. You may need to install/move engine mounts in the hull to the correct locations for the three cylinder bed plate. Examine the two hulls carefully, and see what the differences are.

    The 2002 Virage hull bottom material is SMC, which I requires epoxy (3M 08101), not fiberglass resin, for repairs and such. The top deck is FRC, which is a form of fiberglass.

    Since the replacement Virage i hull is already a fuel injected model, the swap over (other than engine mounting) should be very straight forward.

    Once you get the engine mounting figured out, you would swap over the electrical harness, including EMM. The fuel tank, fuel pump, and oil tank are the same in both, but you will need to move over the triple fuel injector supply and return hose set. Fuel pressure is 20-30PSI, so don't use cheap hose clamps. I think the MFI in both is the same part number.

    The entire jet pump, or at least the impeller, would be swapped over after the engine is installed. You will need to purchase or rent a Polaris PWC engine alignment tool. There are several sources available.

    Once you have used the alignment tool to shim the engine into correct alignment with the jet pump centerline, you can continue with hooking up the sundry cables, hoses and such.

    You can use the Polaris Industries parts cross reference web site to confirm that part numbers for various parts are shared between the two models.

    BTW, will the donor hull come with title and intact HIN number plates?

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    viva la difference

    the only difference in hulls is that one is set up for a 3 cylinder and the other a 2 the factory the hulls and made with the inserts to fit only one setup a 2 or 3 cylinder not'd need to drill the bosses in the hull and put some inserts in to allow you to mount the motor mount foward for the 3 cylinder.not sure if the 2 cyl came with the same reverse setup either but all that should be able to be moved over with some hole drilling

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    Thanks guys! Yeah my highschool is amazing. Im actually in the Powersports class, we basically fix and tweak motorcycles,atvs and pwcs. Ok, Ill take some pictures and talk to my teacher and see where to get the tool. Ill prolly do a photo of each step and maybe post it on here

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    Quote Originally Posted by viragetxi2002 View Post
    ... see where to get the tool.
    I'll prolly do a photo of each step and maybe post it on here
    Drive Shaft Alignment Tool

    The alignment tool can also be purchased, or you can make your own, if you have enough machine shop resources available. Precision is key when making this tool.

    I am sure step by step photos and comments would be very helpful to others who may need to take apart or repair their Polaris, now and in the future.

    BTW, this is THE place on the Internet for Polaris PWC technical support, and lots more.

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    Ok so I will talk to my teacher and see if the school has one or if any local shops have one. What do you mean by the "Bosses". Is there already a location in the hull to drill them or are the hulls fabricated different?

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    Also, I assume all mounting bolts/nuts have thread way to get those undone?

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    Use a hole saw and remove the "nut" ass'y that is moulded in the hull .Then drill out the blanked off mount points in the virage hull using the hole saw again .Carefull as it isn't that thick .You will need to epoxy the nut back in the Viage hull and install engine as per manual


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    So on the donor hull I need to drill holes where the engine mounting plated lines up. Then use epoxy to put the nut assembly back in the hole I drilled, that will hold?

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    I will take some pictures tommorow and get some input from you guys then.

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