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    08/09 Kaw Ultra's - Training Run to Avalon February 8, 2009

    Subject: Training Run to Avalon – February 8, 2009

    Two Seadoo’s, an 08 Kawasaki Ultra 250x (30 hours) and an 09 Kawasaki Ultra 260X (7 hours) made their morning training run out to Avalon and back; like we usually do. We can now say that the Ultras can ride from Los Angeles (Cabrillo) to Queens Gate (Long Beach) then to Avalon, part of the way WOT (wide open throttle) then a straight run back to Cabrillo without fueling up on somewhat rolly seas. The 09’ 260X’ fuel alarm sounded off at 16.8 miles outside of Angeles Gate (Los Angeles Harbor Entrance) and the ’08 250X’ fuel alarm sounded off 7 miles later. I just had a deep fuel pick up installed (53.99 or cheaper part). Good investment.

    Another item to report is that the beast (my 0 is back in the best form ever. Maximum speed today recorded on my GPS was 67.7 and max speed recorded on Paul’s GPS was 67.9. Both Ultras stayed no further than one boat length from each other. In the chop with a full tank my Ultra actually did better. I know this statement will stir some debate but I’ll toss it out there as I saw it today. Thanks Andrew from Pacific Motorsports you “finally” wrenched a good boat for me.
    Today was certainly one of the highest tides I’ve seen all year. Last night’s full moon and all that rain certainly had an effect on the harbor. We departed under grey distant skies with clear skies overhead. No fisherman out today and I do not recall seeing any boat traffic out to the island or back from the island.

    The feral cats and a raccoon were waiting for the folks who feed them at 0730 this morning. I know you won’t want to hear more about the cats but, how about the cat feeders could they also be wondering “what on earth drives people to race across the water to Avalon, anyhow? (Me – what on earth drives people to feed these cats?) I thought the same of them.

    It’s gotta be more than just that adrenaline rush that moves us to it. Yes, the Mark Hahn 300 race is just a mere three weekends away but, we would be out here doing this even if it weren’t. We don’t necessarily carry any more gear than just for safety. No one plans on stopping for a drink or food when we get there and today there was little if any conversation at all. We were all in our own deep thoughts. Body is now a little sore in that lower back region but otherwise it feels good to have weathered the storm. Sun is now out and the ski is clean and put away.

    I can recall making this run on my own for the first time less than two years ago. I can personally say that its way easier when you don’t go with a race oriented group. You somehow notice more of your surroundings and also wonder – what if? What if I break down, start to sink, etc. etc. etc. Those types of thoughts just never occur while riding with a great bunch of likeminded riders.

    Could we for good reason, not just from the cat feeders but from anyone reading this writing also consider us a little bit mentally deranged? Partly, because we now consider this just a little shakedown training runs to test our equipment and stamina. And for a while there I thought that going around the island was going to become the norm. Thank goodness it didn’t since our El Nino weather didn’t hold and quickly put an end to that. For those that have the need and want it filled the island is still there and not planning on going anywhere anytime soon. And for those that raced in last year’s LB2CAT (Long Beach to Catalina Island Race) I can’t think of a weekend that we’ve done a training ride that was worse than that race weekend. Better luck in ’09.

    For me it’s now great to get to choose between my two weapons of choice again (Seadoo or Kawasaki) for a weekend training run. Can’t think of a better morning workout. Perhaps someone younger and wiser said it best early on – “cowards won’t show and the weak will die”.

    They say a boaters two best times in his life are when he first purchases a boat with the second best time being when he first sells his boat. Hopefully, that won’t be happening to any of us anytime soon. The key to success is still to ……

    Getting yourself organized first starting with the boat.

    PWC Trailer
    PWC Towing Vehicle
    Storage of PWC
    Cleaning of PWC
    Equipment for PWC
    Gear Bag
    GPS & learning
    PWC Exercising & Training
    Riding Friends

    I can honestly say that if you survive the first six months of riding then you are likely to continue the experience and view this sport as a success. Will the worse case scenarios ever occur to me; if so, am I prepared to deal with them. Do the good experiences outweigh the potential bad experiences? Have I benefited from the friendship, outdoor experiences and am I now better physically and mentally healthier for it.

    If your answers are no – then do an attitude check and find out why. What are or were your expectations when you first purchased that new or used ski. Could cost of riding in this economy be an issue to you? Is your craft suitable for what you purchased it for? Have you already outgrown it? Do you now crave more speed? The key is to break things down into a series of smaller goals if you haven’t yet done so.

    Many find the first few outings to be their most challenging. Perhaps it could also be the time of year or even the time of day of your ride that could’ve made a difference.

    Where I live not everyone that shows up to our local launch ramp (Cabrillo) know that every afternoon like if on cue, we get what are known as Hurricane gulch force winds that thunder down the mountain ripping down onto the inside channel. Hence, my yacht clubs name – Hurricane Gulch Yacht Club. Get there early, ride hard and get out.

    See you on the Water!

    But not if I see you first!


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    Well worth the read.

    I don't know where you found it or who said it first. But it just became my new favorit saying.
    "Cowards won't show and the weak will die"
    My old saying
    "The next best thing to a pat on the back is a swift kick in the Ass".
    It means.
    Don't expect praise for every thing you do.

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