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    RXT Offshore for Stock Class


    I have a 2007 Seadoo RXT that I'm planning to customize for offshore (Stock Class). The following things are on my "to do-list"

    Finger throttle
    Intake Grate
    OPAS blockoff
    Power filter kit

    I don't know what impeller to choose. The craft is to be optimized for WOT offshore and therefore is the hole shot performance unimportant.

    I have looked att rivas list for impellers:

    According to the list I should go with the SRX-CD-14/17R, but I have a feeling that this prop is made to increase both holeshot and speed.. I rather loose some holeshot to gain som speed in the chop. What impeller should I go with?

    What is standard impeller?

    Can someone explain the numbers (14/17 etc.) on the impellers, because I don't really get what they mean..

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    i think its the amount of pitch on the prop not 100% sure
    the guru's will have to chime in on this 1

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    The numbers indicate degrees of pitch. At the leading edge of a blade the 14/17 will have 14 degrees of pitch while the trailing edge will have 17. This blade pitch is refered to as progressive. The lower first number improves the holeshot while the 2nd higher number helps top speed. You might want a 14/19 but I don't know if you can turn it stock. Someone else will chime in.

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    With running the 14/19r stock u will lose out of the hole and gain a little top speed, my buddy and i are running same mods with different props i have 14/19r and he has 14/17r and he gets me out of the hole good but i need atleast 1/2 mile to pass him, if i get unhooked its even harder, if ur not gonna mod the ski with Charger or I/C mods the go 14/17r

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