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    Reminder: Fire Safety

    Been a bad week here in Iowa and has touched on a couple members from the site, and one that is a member in workings.

    Just hoping that everyone checks little things like smoke detectors, escape plans, candle placement........all of it. Just still in disbelief, and if I can get even one member to check little things and plans, I'll sleep better.

    In six days I've worked two fatal fire's in which occured within both district's I work and volunteer in. First one was a very difficult fire to fight in which weather and building structure's caused alot of problems, it unfortunately claimed the life of a young man. The second hit as far close to home as I have/hope to see.

    One of my best friend's (Morg15t's brother-in-law) lost his grandmother in a accidental garage fire Sunday evening.

    We have been working on getting Morg's brother-in-law to join here lately. We had little info on the site, but did a late summer job on a '99 slx 1050/1200 for him.

    I know the type of relief a guy can get here in these forum's and just ask everyone to send a quick little prayer out for the families involved.

    Just thought I'd put a little reminder out there that it is NEVER a bad time to check safety devices or plans and to always be as prepared as possible, one never knows when tradgedy may strike.

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    Sorry to hear that.Pass along my prayers. My ex-stepson lost his grandmother and uncle to a house fire,about 6 years ago.she was about 75,and had a habit of smoking her last cigeratte in bed before going to sleep,it appears she fell asleep with one lit or missed her coffee can she used as an ashtray.

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    Sorry to hear about other people's misfortunes.

    I'd also like to add if you smell natural gas, get the hell out!!!!

    We've had 2 houses explode in the past couple weeks up here.

    One turned completely to rubble taking a life, while the other hospitalized 1 man and left his home burned beyond repair.

    Be careful people.

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