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    Cool primer

    hey i am putting a primer kit on my 96 xp, it is all stock. The kit came with no directions. . . .can somebody help me out here??

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    You will have to remove your choke plates first. Then put the shooter fitting on the top part of the carb and the plug at the bottom or vice versa where the choke level was before,then cut into your return fuel line to put the first plastic t into then hook a hose from the t to the suction part on the primer. Put another line on the other fitting and run it to your carbs you put a t on the end of that and branch off 2 lines one for each carb.Install the primer lines from the 2 into the brass barb fitting that is in the carbs. Real easy mod.

    Get rid of the stock air box and get prok air filters and re jet your carbs you will notice better throttle responce.

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