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Thread: F12X jet pump

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    F12X jet pump

    I was wondering if this is normal? I changed the impeller on my F12X. The jet pump has about 90 hours on it. When I removed the Stator Cap the grease was very soupy & had a little burn smell. It is like water got in there. There is no sign of corrosion like water was is in there though. All the parts (bearing's) move smoothley. I put back together w/ standard marine grease. I pushed the grease down into the bearing and packed the stator cap to where it was oozing out when I put it together. I have 2 jet pumps, just havent had the time to pull the one off the ski yet to compare. Any input would be appreiated..Thanks...Pat

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    Sorry, double post.....

    Dirtnut, check the "How to" thread.

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