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    Amsoil HP injector oil for EFI ski's....

    Looks like good stuff,anyone try it yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WATER WOODY View Post

    Looks like good stuff,anyone try it yet?
    +1 and its $5 cheaper then interceptor

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    It's been around a while but I don't think it gives the protection of Interceptor or Dominator.

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    I use it on my skis, but I don't have efi. regardless, it's just as good as the interceptor, just not optimized for PV's, and it is recommended for EFI and direct injection.

    hpi or interceptor can't touch dominator on a modded motor tho.

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    For older skis that do not use power valves and are not injected you can use the HPI Injector oil. For the newer skis that are injected or use power valves you should run the Interceptor oil. For all out HP skis you should run the Dominator Racing oil.

    Direct fuel injection and exhaust power valves have been incorporated in two-cycle engines in efforts to improve performance, reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency. As a result, we're seeing leaner fuel-to-oil ratios and hotter-running engines, up to one-hundred and twenty degrees Fahrenheit hotter. This places additional demands on two-cycle oils.

    AMSOIL has over thirty years of experience in blending synthetic oil. No one does it better. Like all of our oils, our new two-cycle oils are precise blends of the best base stocks and additives available in the world. We tested hundreds of formulations in laboratory settings and real world applications to ensure that the oils we introduced provide the best possible performance in the applications they were designed for. Our Interceptor Oil, for example, was designed to address deposit formation on exhaust power valves, a problem which ultimately leads to valve sticking and poor performance. That oil was tested in two separate field trials in over one-hundred snowmobiles prior to its introduction, not to mention hundreds of hours in laboratory testing. There was no valve sticking.

    Hope this helps.

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