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    Engine difference 05/06/07/08

    What are the difference in a rxt 05/06/07/08??

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    MOSTLY electronic and sensor differences

    02-05 use the same electronic system and logic ... and same internal engine stuff for the most part

    06 - current (for the most part) is all the same internal engine parts

    06 was different electrical by a little bit, mainly due to changes in front oil pump separator and the crank sensor relocation .. and switching logic on some sensors

    07- current for the most part are all same electronics and everything

    you could write a novel about all the big and small differences and minor changes...

    what do u need to know? things change, things got better, they found different ways of doing things. the obvious mechanical change was the crankcase breathing which changed the front oil pump housing which led to other changes.... for the most part you are looking at the same basic mechanical engine with small improvements here and there

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