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    how to install r&d intake grate for 08 gp1300r

    hi guys
    was wondering if somebody could help me out,i have a new 08 gp1300r and just bought a 2 bar r&d intake grate off the net and want to install it have never done it before,been getting mixed advice as to if i should use silicone to install it as i may want to take it off at a later stage to put back the original intake?is it a must to use silicone to install the grate for better performance?also have been told to use the blue lock tite and not the red lock tite as it is easier to undo is this true?

    thanks guys

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    Welcome to the forum!

    First off throw that stock intake grate away. They have been known to fail. Intake grate is 4 bolts. Normally i take a small heat gun to warm the bolts to have the factory lock tite loosen up and so the bolts won't break. I use the blue lock tite on all my bolts and no issues. Other simple mods to improve the quality and maintenance of your gpr would be a pump tunnel reinforcement kit, a pump tunnel hose reinforcement, and a pumpshoe plug kit. Here's a good site for beginners to see pictures of how to do some simple mods

    Good luck with your ride. Keep asking questions you'll always get the right answer here.

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    A soldering gun works well to heat the bolts up. I usually try no heat first. Pretty sure that torque spec is less than 10lbs. If it doesnt come out easy then heat it up.

    Dont forget to change the steering nozzle ASAP

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