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    GPR White paint code

    Anyone know the paint code for the GPR hull? (The white) Need to cross ref. into PPG paint I will be using to mix it. Thanks. Mine is an 03 1300
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    Yamaha White Paint

    As far as I know, The white paint they use is PPG.
    I have been using PPG CONCEPT Acrylic Urethane
    with DCX 61 hardener method of mixing.
    The code I have on the can is:
    DCC90282, PURE WHITE.
    This is the PPG link:

    The primer sealer: NCS2004, grey

    If done properly, this will be a bright white with a very glossy finish. The solid build will be sufficient enough to sand out any minor irregularities such as minor orange peel and buff out with excelent results. There is no need to clear coat, but you can also mix a little DCU2002, high solids clear for alittle deeper shine and durability.

    Good Luck. The local refinisher retailer should be a great resource if you have any questions. about your gun or air set up.

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