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    oil filter for 08 FX HO Cruiser

    I picked up a new oil filter today for my 08 FX HO Cruiser. The part number I received is 5GH-13440-00.
    The filter that is on the ski now is 5GH-13440-20. The new filter looks to be shorter in length. Does anyone know why the dealer gave me an -00 vs. -20? Thanks in advance!

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    I've no idea what the difference is.

    I just go to my local motorcycle dealers and pick up a genuine Yamaha R1 oil filter. My HO has 150 hours onit and runs like new. As long as oil doesn't pour our when fitted it'll be fine

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    I found out that the -00 is for 2007 FX HO model years, and the -20 is for 2008 FX HO model years. The engines are identical between the two years, so I have no idea why they changed it.

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