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    sj650 wouldnt stop!

    hi everyone new to this site, hope some maybe able to help ; there is a similar posting to my issue but the thread ends with no solution -
    my sj650 - broke the pole & replaced it - put it all bak together tested ran fine - had to swap the battery -on putting it back in i started it just to check it - this is when it wouldnt stop - hit stop button, pulled lanyard , removed plugs - opened throttle-- still going - last thought i undid the pos battery lead -finally stopped - it wasnt revving hard just idling & not responding to throttle at all.
    any way i replaced the stop start assy [it had a few joins in it ] today - i havent started yet because when i went to connect the battery cables they were sparking on contact.
    any ideas on what could be going wrong here?
    the other thread mentioned the cdi ?
    pls help rgds ash

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    Quote Originally Posted by ash2501 View Post
    - this is when it wouldnt stop -

    removed plugs -
    What is "THIS"? "this is when it wouldnt stop" do you mean the starter? or the engine was running, what would not stop?
    "removed plugs" what plugs are these? spark plugs?

    I have to ask because I do not understand how a engine could run with No spark plugs.
    Or are you saying you took the plug "WIRES" Off?
    I am sorry

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    Check ALL the wiring in the ignition box and to the handpole. There is one wire that if not plugged in, plugged in the wrong plug, or if that wire is broken, will cause the engine to not stop. We had simular problem when changing the CDI box one time. It might be a ground wire not attached or loose, I don't remember the exact thing but it was one of the above. Good luck!

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