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    Assateague and Ocean City Rides

    Has anyone ever done the bay side ride no open ocean, and around secrets and up to Assateague . Also is there any restrictions on how close you can get to Assateague.I just want to do peacefull rides with the wife on our 96 yamahas 650s.Any ideas would be great we are launching out of Ocean Pines being down there for a week this summer.

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    let me know when you'll be around. My gf's parents have a house in chincoteague so i'll be riding from there to oc alot this summer, about 45 mile trip up the bay on the back side of assateague. ill be on a 98xpl and my girls got alittle waverunner 500

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    sounds good we wil be there june 30-july 5

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    awesome, just so happens i already took june 20th to the 2nd off, i'll keep in touch till then.

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    great how old are the girls

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    He meant his gf- she is like 23. I will probably be down there around that time too-- should be on a built rxt or gprxp. We are gonna make the trip from chincoteague to ocean city.

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