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    Platinum WSM Pistons

    Do you guys think the difference in price for the platinum pistons is worth the extra costs? I am putting together a Hurricane that had a broke rod. Just getting it together to sell. I was going to keep it for parts for may other Cane, but decided to go ahead and do the repairs. Since I will be selling it, I don't want someone else to have problems if I can improve the quality without going overboard on price. These are WSM pistons and have no idea how they compare to others. Thanks

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    they are actually the same piston. the "platnum" ones are teflon coated. that is the only difference.

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    Thanks, I new that they have the coating, I just did't know if it really made any difference. There is not much difference in costs, but I don't want to throw good money away if the coating doesn't provide some benefit.

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