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    Priming oil pump

    I just replaced the engine in a 97 GP1200. It says to prime the oil pump. Do I have to prime it or can I just premix some gas and it will prime itself?

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    I DON'T know for sure about your ski, but we have a 99'xlt and 00'gpr which are identical powerplants and I primed our ski's by pulling the plugs and running the starter (this operated the oil pump) until oil started comming out of the little screw (oil bleed screw) mounted on the same bracket as the throttle adjustment screw. If its the same on your ski I'm not sure but if it is,... just don't take the screw all the way out...a coupple turns is all I needed to loosen it, as oil would still keep comming out after the engine stopped turning over.... it got really messy!

    Hope this helped!

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