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    Tiger shark 770 or polaris 750?

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a used pwc this week. I've found two for sale locally, one is a 1996 Tiger Shark Daytona 770, the other is a 1994 Polaris 750. The Tiger shark is a one owner and the Polaris is with its second owner.

    They are both in the 1100-1200$ range, both with trailers, both with covers and accessories.

    Which one would be a better deal? which one is cheaper/easier to maintain? which one would I be able to have the most fun on?

    Thanks for your help,

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    Welcome to the Hulk!

    I won't comment on which might be the better 'deal'.

    Much would depend on the actual condition, especially the engine internals, of each machine. On machines this old, engine hours are not as important as actual condition.

    I can say that support and community for Tigershark seems much thinner than for Polaris, at least around Green Hulk. There is way more activity in the Polaris sections that Tigershark.

    I have never hunted for Tigershark stuff, but Polaris parts seem to be easier to find, from more sources.

    Going by what I have read in the Tigershark forums, those who have them seem to like them. Tigershark stopped selling PWC after 1999, while Polaris continued through 2004.

    You can find Polaris Service Manuals and other useful info on this web page, and of course throughout the Green Hulk Polaris forums.

    Aftermarket and upgrade parts for Polaris are reasonably available - don't know about Tigershark.

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    Welcome to the Hulk Aaron.

    I don't know about the Tigershark at all, but you've got more parts available for the Polaris should it need repairs. And with it's age, you'll need to do some I'm sure.

    See both are out of the PWC production, so getting parts or people to work on them is almost impossible. That's why this site is so valuable to us Polaris guys.

    See if you can test ride the skis and see which you like better.

    Also take a compression tester with you and measure both skis. That may tell you if one is in need of repair already.

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