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    Yamaha Manifold gaskets 01 GP1200R

    Hey Guys,
    I am trying to find out what type of gasket is used in between the plastic carb spacer and the reed valve plate on a 01 GP1200R. My original gasket feels like it is glued to the plastic spacer, even the side that faces the reed valve plate had some type of factory sealant. Just want to make sure before a put my new carbs on.
    Thanks, Dan

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    it is a rubberized type material with sealant on it from the factory. If you can't get a new one, use a sealer on it, a little 3-bond 1211 will do the trick. Wish you would have said something earlier, I think I have a couple extra of those type.

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    I have an 1200 xlt and I am in the process of replacing the gaskets in the top end and the gasket kit has two of these rubberized gaskets. Does one of these gaskets go on top of the plactic space, and the other gasket on the bottom of the spacer? thanks for your help.

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