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    2005 xlt1200 oil lines question

    I bought 05 XLT1200 in march 2008 with 66 hours on it. I stopped ridding in December 08 I live in Tampa and the water got to cold for me. I now have about 78 hours on it. I had a mechanic look at it before I got it and the Ski was in mint condition. it still is except for the few scratched from me hitting the dock as this is my first watercraft I have ever owned.

    I keep reading about the oil lines can pop off. I don't want to go premix, I am always putting gas in it. I don't know jack SH** about ski's but I am ok with my cars. I am not going to modify my ski, it will for ever stay stock.

    My question: is there an aftermarket oil line i should buy or is there an aftermarket clamp that is better than those zip ties? or should I just leave the oil lines alone they seem to be in ther pretty good? I am not sure if you are suppsoed to change them every year ot 50 or 100 hours.

    Any input would be appreciated


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    Ron you dont have to change them only give them some slack,the way they are run the rear cylinder and middle cylinder oil lines pull off due to shrinkage and heat.You can remove flame arrestor and cut the zip ties holding oil lines at front of carbs in bundle this gives them more slack,generally you can re arrange them to keep that from happening,also the hard plastic accordian style protective covers over the oil lines can be too long from factory causing it to actually exert force to help pull oil line off like a big plastic spring .The outer cover is longer than inner oil line causing it to exert a steady pull on the oil line.>Marvin ps the yamaha oil lines are very heavy duty thick walled some of the best I have seen, only cut to short at factory with outer cover cut to long.please do yourself a favor and fix or modify oil lines before you have major problems,Also many have already been fixed if you bought yours used and engine has been opened(look at nuts and bolts)it might have already been done.If it was GPR it would be easy to tell as cylinders are nikasil and must be replaced,they come unpainted from factory so you can always tell, as many shops dont bother to paint them,or paint is different

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    Thanks, I think I see the oil line but am not 100% sure, are they metal or those blue colored flexible ones? Am I correct to assume there are 3 oil lines one for each cyl?

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    It is not the lines that are the problem. It is that they are held on by zip ties.

    If you work on your car you can easily pull the stinger pipe and reattach them with some oetiker (spelling ?) clamps.

    If they are brittle or severely yellowed I would replace but most I have seen are just fine.

    Some ideas here

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