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    Grease fittings on GP760

    Hi Guys. I bought a set of 2000 GP760 skis last year and am trying to get them ready for the summer. Can you tell me if there are anything that needs to be greased and if so what kind of grease do you recommend. Also, if you happen to have a service manual that I could download it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Okay, I'll take this one... There are two grease fittings on the GP760. One on the front of the engine, and one on the rear. The rear fitting will be on the same plate that the throttle cable runs through right before the carbs. The one for the front is attached to the plate the airbox bolts to, This one greases the starter bendix, the rear one greases the midshaft bearing (supposedly). They both have hoses running to their appropriate locations.

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    Also, I tried the link to the GP760/1200 manual on this site, and it is a dead link. Someone here has one, I promise....

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    Thanks OBX. Also, is there anything else I need to spray with lubricant or pivot points that need grease applied?

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