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    I want a fast ski...Faster than that.
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    Good price for an Ultra 250

    Im looking at a stock 2007 Ultra 250 with 50 Hrs on it. What is this ski worth. I know it has been well maintained as it belongs to a friend.

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    Awsome deal is 7500.00, Good deal is 8000.00, fair price is 8500.00

    If he has the extended warranty then offer 8000.00 and see if he bites on it.

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    Between $6500-7000 if it comes with the trailer. They depreciate a LOT. Check NADA. Usually 2 year old - 50% Off the original invoice.
    To find out true value Contact any local dealer for trade in value and add 1-2K to it!

    It's awesome machine !

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    I just bought a new 07' for $8250. Another poster said he saw one for $7950. So akk's figures are probably pretty good.

    See if you can find a new 07'--there's still plenty around. My dealer has 4 left now

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