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    Challenger 180 Mods

    Hey guys,

    Looking to move up a next size in the boat world. I am thinking about the Speedster 200 (310hp), but I like the look of the Challenger and it will hold the same amount of people (even if its loaded heavy, it says 8...which is nice as a shuttle to the sandbar)

    Power. I need more power. I have seen reports that a 3 person loaded Challenger is 43mph. One person in cold water 47mph?

    Florida almost always has hot bath water. How much do I need to spend to get a nice holeshot and around 53mph in the summer? (I understand it wont happen with 3-4 people)

    I think I need to get the washers changed out anyway on my potential boat, then add a green wheel and intake...and???



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    svtjoe, I tried to resond to your PM but it would not work here is what I wrote...

    I used to own an S150 155hp and with 4 people, it will loose more performance than the C180 will with the same 4 people but the S150 will still be faster both out of the hole and top speed, if that makes sense.
    I really miss my s150 but a wife, 2 kids and a golden retriever demanded more space.

    I went from hating the stock performance of my C180 to being at least satisfied with its performance after what I consider minimal mods. If I had it to do over again though I would have purchased the S200 (and some sweaters) as it will ABSOLUTELY KILL a C180 no matter what mods you do to the C180, with the hole shot being the biggest difference.

    Sounds to me like you would not be happy with the performance of the C180 and the money you would spend on mods for it would pay for maintenance on the twins for some time... Also consider cold water makes a very big difference so you won't see the performance gain I did living in Florida.

    The main reason why I did not get the S200 over the C180 is because the S200 does not have a full windshield. Early spring and late fall in eastern Canada would have been too cold.

    Just to play devils advocate the new 255 hp C180 may be a nice performer as the mods you mentioned are already done...

    Good luck with your decision.

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    If I had it to do over again though I would have purchased the S200 (and some sweaters) as it will ABSOLUTELY KILL a C180 no matter what mods you do to the C180, with the hole shot being the biggest difference.
    Oh no I am quoting myself...
    Actually if I had it to do over again I would have purchased a Yamaha AR or SX 230...

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    Rude 2 with 42lb injecters a rrfpr, with a good 4inch intake and XS IC and you will see 57+

    Remember it is still the watercraft engine and we have modded the heck out of them.


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    57 would be sweet on a C180!

    I understand what you mean about having less performance but quicker on the S150. 4 people in the S150 and it becomes a heavy boat, but still planes ok.

    I know the S200 gas mileage is better (310hp) but I can't find any top speed numbers. I would imagine the hole shot is nice, but I am just worried about the dual engine stuff. Getting them to run identical was a pain on my 20' Yamaha LX2000 (2-2strokes). Plus double wear rings, impellers... I just wish they had one 310hp engine!

    I am not looking in to the 430hp S200 at all.

    The thing is, the girlfriend (who will sign on the loan, this new boat will be our 3rd in 1.5 years of dating!).. wants A 2005 Baja 20' with a I/O V8. I will admit I have always loved the offshore look and power, but she doesnt know how different a Baja and S200 are. Lower drive units, less nimble, heavier, probobly more maintaince..

    Update: Boat needs to fit in our new garage which is just 20' feet (AT MOST)

    C180 here I come. I shouldnt drive it without the mods or I will be dissapointed!
    I do love to Mod, hence thats why the C180 looked good, but it would probobly drink gas with those mods.

    The Baja gets 3.9mpg
    C180 gets 2.5 (info gathered)
    S200 (310hp) gets 3.3mpg
    S150 (4.3-5mpg!) << If it just had one more seat

    Old Yamaha Lx2000 Twin 2 strokes =========== 1MPG! < No Im not kidding.

    Isn't this fun?


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    You will never see 57 MPH on a C180 in Florida's warm water no matter how much money you throw at it. In fact I doubt even here in almost zero degree water, just after the ice has melted, would you see those speeds in this big pig of a single engine boat.

    Happy modding!!!

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    I dont need 57mph. 54 would be nice (good job by the way).

    How is the hole shot with your mods? I have a little money saved up and would maybe do an aftermarket intercooler. Would that help?

    I just want nice acceleration with 50mph+

    I really need to test drive it. We are ready to buy.

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    Two adults two kids and a 70 lbs retriever and I can get her out of the water in about two seconds. Not bad....

    When it comes to pulling me out on one ski with the same load minus the fact that I am on the rope and not in the boat it takes around 5 -6 seconds of torture. If I put two skis on it will pop me out in about two seconds. To improve the hole shot I have been planning, but still have not rec'd my "round tuit", to have the venturi and steering nozzle bored out. This will kill some top speed but should help out of the hole.

    Also I have never been able to get this boat to do a 360 or even a 180 for that matter and I have tried really hard. Jeepster claims he can do them on his C180 and actually gave me a youtube link in the past to a C180 spinning out but I will be damned if I can pull one off. They were really easy in my old speedster 150.

    If I were you I would try to get my hands on an 09 C180 with 255 hp already. All the mods are already done including metal SC washers and you wont be messing with your warranty. Though I would still suggest a twin engine boat in the end....

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    Well, I am just about ready to pull the trigger on the challenger. Found a decent 05 for a solid price.
    ( I have to store a boat in our Garage.. HOA rules.. And the C180 will fit with the swing trailer mod)

    Already have about $1000 worth of parts in the 4tec performance basket.

    The boat I am looking at supposedly has 125 hours on it. Looks clean, a few marks here and there. At 125 hours, would the washers of broken by now? How can I tell? Would it run smooth with bad washers?

    I figure I would save some coin and look at a higher hours boat (as opposed to the 50-60 hour boats I have called on) as I am going to replace the SC washers (ss), bearings, impeller (14/19r Thx..cfnnslsq) new wear ring and a Green Charger. Im also going to fab up a decent intake.

    With those upgrades, I dont think I should be worried about the hours unless it has crap in the system from a failed SC.

    Thoughts before I make an offer?



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    If the clutch washers are gone she will only pull about 6500 RPMs instead of the standard 8000 - 8100. Test drive before you buy and if it is only getting to 6500 RMS max then run away fast, as the washers have blown and the engine will be next. Guaranteed!!!

    With $1000.00 bucks to spend I would forget about the green wheel and simply buy a new X-model charger for $698.00. That way you kill many birds with one stone. You get the, entirely necessary, metal washers, you get new SC bearings which must be replaced at 100 hours, you get new spring washers, and you get a bigger performance upgrade than the green wheel would give. With the X-charger you would be required to also run an RRRFPR for $390.00 so you get enough fuel and are not running lean.

    As for impellers you may need either a 14/19 with a few mm added but more likely a 15/20 with a mm or two taken out of the pitch.

    That takes care of your $1000.00 and then some. When you come up with more cash get rid of the stock intercoolder and replace with an XS or something. This will also require more fuel delivery by way of 42 lbs injectors instead of the stock 38 lbs. At this point you will probably be able to watch the fuel gauge move when you open her up.

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