Irish Sailing Association acquires Personal Watercraft (PWC) Training Fleet

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The ISA announced the acquisition of a PWC training fleet. The fleet consists of three Yamaha VX Cruisers on a single road trailer. This fleet is available for use by ISA Training Centres for the delivery of ISA PWC training courses.
ISA Training Manager Tony Wright explained: “One of the fundamental difficulties in developing PWC training in the past was the availability of equipment on which to run the training. It makes sense to ensure that training is available to users before they invest in their own machines. However the cost and risk of buying PWCs in an undeveloped training market has been too high for Training Centres to take on in advance of the demand.”
Wright continued: “We hope to jump start the supply and demand for PWC training by providing access to this fleet until the ownership of machines by Training Centres becomes a viable option.”
The ISA PWC fleet were purchased under the Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism 2008 Sport Capital Programme. Training Centres using the skis will be charged a nominal hire fee to cover the costs involved in insuring and maintaining the three machines.
Wright concluded: “I am delighted with the support the National Lottery was able to make to this project. Without them it would have been impossible to purchase this fleet.”
National Personal Watercraft Certificate
The ISA has launched a range of Personal Watercraft Training courses in time for the 2009 season.
The initial training course aims to provide participants with all of the skills and knowledge required to safely get out on the water and have fun, including launch & recovery, low and high speed handling, rules of the road and how to deal with emergencies. This two day training course is aimed at participants who are new to boating and PWCs and successful participants will receive the ISA National Personal Watercraft Certificate. The course is only delivered by qualified ISA PWC Instructors at ISA accredited Training Centres.
Bernadette Fox
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