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    Testing waters possibly selling an 04 gpr but how much? Advice welcomed.

    My buddy just called and said that he wants to sell his 04 gpr. He asked me what I thought he could get for it and I really didnt know what to tell him because im a seadoo guy and im not familiar with these skis and what they sell for.
    Its got 65hrs on it and it is in exceptionally clean condition. It comes with a trailer. I told him $4500 as a guess but that Id talk to some people on GH and find out their opinions. I remember seeing 04s for sale back in december for $3500 but that was when the market was at its absolute worst and many skis were selling for nearly half book value.

    Im sure when the market picks back up it should be a 4500 ski. Let me know your thoughts.

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    Sounds about right

    check KBB

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    Yeah, we will. Just trying to get an idea of 'market value' because back in december I saw several that were down in the $3500 range. He wants to get 5k for it but I told him that was probably not realistic.

    KBB isnt always a good estimation of value. Older seadoos especially dont KBB for much but still have a fair resale within the hobby if they are in good condition.

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    if it is in good shape it should go for $3,500- $4,000 but, nobodys spending money

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    from my industry alone i see this scary stuff everyday!!.. truth be told that the market dictates what items, homes, cars are worth.. What are people willing to pay. Just because people owe 9k on a ski with 50 hrs doesnt make them worth that haha thats funny when i see that.. Just to give you an idea of when the "market" is suppose to pick up"". Dont expect this to happen ANYTIME soon. Within wall street and the housing sector(which i work). Things are bound to get worse for another 2-3 months then expected stablilization with this new bill.. If anyone has specific questions regarding this please ask me!! Resident financial guru!!

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    oo to answer the question 3500!! good price!! stick with it!!!

    Does it have any work done to it? ill buy it! haha
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