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    '01 Xlt 1200 Hot Start Problem

    Even my mechanic hasn't figured this one out yet for me.


    After achieving operating temperature, if you shut down the engine for
    more than 10 minutes, you practically kill the battery before it finally
    restarts. Seems like a flooded condition.

    Cold starts and normal operation are fine.

    2001 Yamaha XLT 1200


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    Welcome to the Forum !!!

    To help diagnose your problem, it may help to supply more info. Current modifications, compression readings, hours on boat. And more importantly, are you loosing spark when it wont start?

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    Hot Start Problem

    Mods are just the D-plate.

    Ski has 90 hours

    I believe I have spark. It seems like a fuel problem. Even when I shut it off for a few minutes, it will bog for several minutes after restart if you go more than about 1/3 throttle.

    I have had no other problems with this boat.

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