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    LM-1 Parts, connecting to computer..

    Hey, so I bought a LM1 A/F innovative data logger from a member.

    It is missing a cable, but I am wondering if one of the pieces can connect to the computer?

    I am missing this cable:

    but have this one:

    I am wondering what the second cable does (second link). The piece did not come with instructions. But I do not know if it comes brand new with a manual.

    Please let me know. Is there a way to hook it your computer via a USP plug? Or is that cable the only one that will work (the first wire).

    The computer I was going to be using for replaying at the ramp, does not have the same plug as the first wire that says is used to transfer the data. Is there any other way to transfer the data..

    let me know thanks guys!


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    wow okay.. just answered my own question

    I have to buy this adapter.. but I do still need to get the serial cable from the seller.

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    Those pictures are so small!!

    Your first pic looks like a serial-PS2 cable. That would be for attaching to a pre-USB computer

    I would think you would be cool with serial-usb.

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    here's one for $9.99, 1ft long adapter. looks like it may even be the same brand. $29 is rape!

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