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    Necessary hull repair?

    Hi, i purchase a 99xpl and it has some damage to the hull from being run up on the beach. You can see fiberglass as the gel coat has been worn through. Does this need to be fixed or is it ok as is? If it is in need of fixing what are some recommended easy fixes for this problem?

    Thanks: Oliver

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    The raw fiberglass will eventually become soft if it is left in the water, or will dry out and break easily on the next impact. If there are any gouges in the hull you can use an epoxy stick for repairing fuel tanks as a filler but the gel coat still needs to be there to seal and protect it. That is the quick and cheap way, the right way is to fill it with some good long strand fiberglass and take the time to do it well. Usually the fastest repairs are also the first to need repair again.

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    if it is still in shape just fill any scratches, prime and paint with a good auto 2k paint product

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    All very good advice, but the easiest way to do it and do it right, is to buy a gel coat paste from Spectrum Color or West Marine. Lightly sand the damaged area and a little ways beyond and apply the paste in a smooth even coat. When it cures, sand it smooth & buff it out. The repair will be virtually undetectable and waterproof.

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