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    L'il Help on Ski Purchase - 05 GTI LE

    Hi! New to the forum and hoping for some guidance from the experts.
    I'm a first time buyer. Looking for a used ski for the family to use on the lake. We go out 1-2x per week in the summer on the boat and anchor most of the time, so would like to have something to tool around on, pull the kids on tube/wakeboard. My target is 05/06, 30 hrs or less, 150hp or so.
    Well, I came across a 2005 GTI LE RFI pretty close to my house that I'm going to go look at tomorrow. It has 50 hrs looks to be in really good condition with shorelander trailer. Asking is $4200 OBO. KBB is $4790. NADA is $5050. Both w/o trailer. The guy is selling due to the economy and a divorce. So, it looks pretty good.
    Of course, I'd much rather have an 06 with the 4-Tec engine, and have found others to look at (GP1300R, RXP, SXT 12F...) but this looks like a great value, especially if I could get him below $4k. My main concern is how fast we may get tired of 110hp. My kids are 13 and 14, so in a couple years they'll want faster.
    Any GTI owners with comments as to performance, reliability, fun factor, etc. This LE has a lot of nice features, too...
    Thanks for any advice!

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    You might this post in the Sea Doo 2-Stroke forum as well. From what I remember, the RFIs are hard to troubleshoot. It's longevity will depend on how it was run, lubed and stored. Make sure that you test ride it for 10-15 minutes and that it runs as it should. If the seller won't let you ride it, run away fast... Ron

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    Thanks for the info and the tip. I'll put it up in the 2-stroke section, as well.

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