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    listen to this..

    hi all heres one for you ive got a uk gp1200r 2002 ive just rejetted the carbs, it did have 1.2 n/s shinny silver spring 92.5 lows and 135 highs,.

    all pretty normal BUT
    my pal has a 2001 gp1200r his ski is stock apart from dplate and it keeps up with my modded gpr..
    today we stripped his carbs to inspect and clean and i found this settup from the factory..
    92.5 lows 135 highs 1.2 n/s and GOLD spring!! and also doesnt have the plastic spacer plate inbetween the carbs
    was this a mistake at the factory? or did the 2001 come with gold springs?

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    The plastic spacer is an 02' thing...It had something to do with "heat soak" or something with the carbs making the ski sometimes hard to start when the motor was hot. The spacer was Yamaha's "fix".. This is what was told to me..

    If I'm not mistaken there are some 115g springs that are silver... At least I know I've gotten some genuine mikuni rebuild kits in the past with some HEAVY silver springs.. That's why it's important to check pop off regardless of spring color.

    Also, I'm pretty sure the 1.2 and gold is the stock yami setup...but not 100% on that.. I might be confusing the gold with the 701 motor...

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