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    Free flow exhaust

    OK, im pissed, I've tried like 10 different ways to put in this Riva FF exhaust kit and it SUCKS. Is there something I'm supposed to take out or what? I've cut and cut and cut, theres no intructions for the GP. I know theres a sticky on here but it doesnt help me because I cant tell if he took a piece of baffling out ect...HELP lol

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    If you're talking about the GPR blue FF tube, it's not that hard.

    You need to remove the last most piece of your exhast. It's three bolts down by the pump. Then you can put the blue tube on that THEN put in on the water box! PM me if you have more questions!

    It's really not bad!

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    ok, i got that SOB on there. Im not using the Riva FF (blue tubes) because it will only complicate things now. Heres the last and most important question...what size PVC do i need?

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