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Thread: WTB an AFR

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    WTB an AFR

    Does anyone out there have an Air Fuel Regulator for sell out there? I need to run one on my RXP this year. Also, if anyone has pictures of their installed AFR on an RXP/T please reply.

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    go on ebay look for innovate the lm2 that should be fine for you plus you can use it on all kinds of enginses it comes with a sd card you can download in your computer its a kick ass system you would need to make a bracket or you can buy one from them i use it on my raceing go karts and you can use it with a dyno i hook my system with my dyno and get all my readings the cheapes price is on ebay

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    This is the AFR setup on my race boat.

    I currently have my j-pipe with the bung welded for a O2 sensor for sale.

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