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    Hotel whiskey

    Hotel Whiskey

    Mike Golf had arrived. An Ex Infantry officer in the Marine Corps we often swap stories of peril, danger, risk and well, actually it's all about adventure, on our paltry civilian stride. We're offshore, far outside the safety net of coastal access most times. Preferably if a storm lands and sends us a training mix, something to change the step at high speed.

    Today's missions, we're attacking the branding of the team. Dubz arrives and is instantly transformed into a new call sign. He looks most peculiar like a regal Aztec royal, but his Latino roots are now getting an overhaul with an alphabet change. Today he is christened Romeo Charlie.

    I am meted with the uncanny realism of MG. He looks up at me, stunned and blurts out 'Hotel Whiskey'. He's knocking off my nickname. The one that was gifted to me by the Big Wave Surfing team from Australia in 1998 at a big wave contest I was conducting the rescues at.

    He was laughing hysterically and I was thinking of alcohol and my recent BUI class. Not pretty.

    Pirate, was ceremoniously dubbed Poppa and he made no comment at all. TrawlerCat became Tango Charlie, but he already has served in the military for several decades that won't phase him.

    We were really charging some good old fashioned team spirit as we chugged along into die cut sticker Hell.
    Race boats were stacked up outside my home. These race steeds dotted the neighborhood and we sucked up all the parking. Kawasaki Ultras in flashing green and red certainly drew attention.

    Our team leader was collecting the remaining race duties, our 300 mile endurance team race was exactly 7 days off on the calendar and counting. We were winding down. My pit team consists of 10 people to service my race boat. This is going to be a big assault, chain link fencing bought for the Quad traction in sand, not to mention the pit boss section.

    Today we spent the entire day, starting out with a coffee and moving on down the line towards 200 stickers for giveaways. I would rather call this team challenge, because this task is something that people will not want to do again, once done.

    We ended on a storytelling launch. I ashamedly admitted my earlier pursuits in description, this is where the Alphabet tag emerged.

    Teamwork it is, we finalize the days damage. One by one the Alphabets go home.

    Late in the evening a text comes from Mike Golf: 'Tell Kyla I thought endurance racing was rough, making stickers kicked my ***!'. I was laughing so hard, and I know he was on the other extension.

    Kyla had earlier come in from another local race and first thing she wanted to know was if everyone survived! We laughed and she was impressed so much got done. I said to her 'yeah but this will probably stop production for the next year'. We both chuckled, she said 'now they know'.

    I told her about the HW emblem, she laughed so hard. Just what I need, another nickname! I have about 30 or more of them already. I have a feeling this one is going to stick with the team and I will make sure there is plenty of reciprocity!

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    Oh hell, LOL till I read this today I thought Mike Golf was Dubz due to his love of that sport also, and Romeo Charlie was Gerner since he's been a selected cover boy test rider in the Mags - and I'm supposed to be in the "KNOW"
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