I (FLYIN BRIAN SMITH) just agreed on a Sponsorship for the 2009 season with EVS-Sports!! I have on the way a EVS Race Collar that I will be weraing and testing at The Mark Hahn this weekend! I am ASLO now a dealer for the Neck Braces as well as any other gear they offer. I will be launching a NEW website in the coming weeks with all the product downloaded for you to view. In the mean time if you see some thing you like please call me at 214-498-3592 or email me at [email protected] and I will be able to get them for you!

Please check out ALL that EVS-Sports has to offer! http://www.evs-sports.com/

I have tried on the LEATT style braces as well as the EVS RC and found thatthe EVS is 10x more comfy and offers a Little more protection..That is why I persued EVS with interest and took the deal!

Please take a moment and check out the race collars as they will be MANDATORY for SUPERCOURSE racing this year!