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    Riva Sponson Install

    Installing the Riva Pro Sponsons on the RXT-X and wow whats the deal wiht lining up the studs. Wanted to see if anyone has installed them and had trouble lining them up and once you got that did you use any silicone between the hull and the backing plate?

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    Riva Sponsons

    No to the silcone, it's not necessary.
    As the instructions say, you have to make sure the studs are all alined and not twisted, but even then that doesn't always work.
    Even SeaDoo and Riva can be slightly off sometimes.
    Anyways, I lined up the first few that did line up, back to front and then hand snugged the bolts in them, then I used a small hydraulic bottle jack and a wooden block to gently push the front end of the sponson up to line up on the front stud.
    Take your time, you'll know when it's there.

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