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    crankcase question

    Okay so a wierd question about a domestic 900 engine. Top end is all rebuilt and bolted on and in great shape. We might want to replace the crank seals though...

    Can you unbolt the bottom half of the crank case, drop the crankshaft and pistons out and do what you need to do?

    I am sure there is something obvious I am overlooking but it seems like it might be possible.

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    I wouldn't mess with leaving the crank in! but you don't have to unbolt the cyls , you need to scrape all the old sealer off and the chance of crud falling in is high, with the crank out you can put towels in the bore to help prevent any hidden junk from working it's way in
    after your done have someone help u pinch the rings and drop it back in I have 2 1200's that uses a 3cyl bank and I can do it myself if need be

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    On a domestic motor you have to remove the cylinder base nuts to split the cases as there are studs that run all the way through the upper case .
    The front seal is in the mag housing not between the cases .

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    why not just get big enough snap ring plyers , i made my own with a grinder and a set of big angled tip needle nose's i bought from the china tool outlet store , 8 $ plus 20 mins for a set they want 96 $ for a set of actual made for the job huge snap ring plyers even at the harbor frieght

    take the coupler off ( tricky thing to do with no top end ) take the coller off the driveshaft , get a set of picks grab hold off each side of the sealer yank it out , after you removed the snap ring of course

    removeing couplers are a pita but its is needed to replace the real seal , i suggest heating it up a bit and try the nylon rope method for the pto for not letting that piston go all the way up

    lube up the new one with a bit of rich premix slide it on in ,

    the front is going to be easy 11 bolts 3 screws tap the old one out of the stator box with a hammer handle the fly wheel nut is a pita as well i suggest getting the socket that fits that and get a 1/2 drive socket or an apadtor and takeing it to a tire place or a shop and have them zap it with a impact , nothing works better if you already have one good deal

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